Frequently Asked Questions

We are here to answer all your queries on the app development process, web development operations, technology stack, our work culture, and much more

Who are you, and who are your clients?

Travel-O-Media is a mobile app development firm established in 2013. We provide mobile app development, website development, outsourced marketing services, and more. Our clientele is a multi-faceted group of individuals, SMEs, startups, entrepreneurs, MNCs, and so on from all across the globe.

Where are you located?

We are headquartered in Austin, Texas, United States and we have 3 offshore offices in India, Dubai & London.

What types of industries does Travel-O-Media serve?
    Although we have clients from different industries, our main focus is on:
  • eCommerce - We help online businesses, mobile marketplaces, and retail stores offer services via the internet. Our professionals have helped our eCommerce clients to improve back-office operations and increase business value.
  • Logistics - Our solutions have been trusted by our clients for enhancing supply chains, which include cutting operational expenses, optimising delivery management, and improving warehousing workflows. On-demand Services - Travel-O-Media has several years of experience in catering to the specialised needs of the on-demand services sector. We have developed reliable and robust mobile apps and websites for on-demand food delivery, grocery delivery, transportation services, and so on.
  • Healthcare - We have a long list of healthcare clients that include clinics, hospitals, and pharmacies. Education - Travel-O-Media has helped online learning platforms all over the world to provide quality online education efficiently and without any tech hiccups.
  • FinTech - Our professionals have also developed optimised tech solutions for finance firms. Online Dating - We excel in providing mobile app and website development services to clients looking for developing clones of popular online dating apps like Bumble, OkCupid, and Tinder.
  • Fitness - We have helped fitness businesses get robust and reliable apps and websites for selling their fitness services. Common features include activity tracking, calorie count, workout logging, and a smart virtual fitness coach.
What are the advantages of working with Travel-O-Media?
    Although we have clients from different industries, our main focus is on:
  • Transparency - Get visibility into everything; pricing, operations, management, performance, and so on. Ask all your doubts about our diligent project managers.
  • Full Control - We provide you with the services, you tweak and tune them to suit your requirements. Manage everything about the project from start to finish. Wide Area Expertise - Our professionals have multiple years of experience in working with different technologies, tools, frameworks, etc.
  • Focused on Your Success - Teams at Travel-O-Media are dedicated to ensure the success of your business endeavor. Get immediate support and advice whenever stuck.
Who will own all of the source code?

You will own the Intellectual Property rights, including the source code, at the end of the project. You can also access it during any time of the development process.

How can I be sure my project is kept confidential?

In order to ensure the confidentiality of your project, we’ll prepare and sign an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) with you. Only the basic details of the project that are required for active development are shared with our professionals.

Which methodology do you follow

Usually, we follow the Agile methodology (Scrum) with a two-weekly sprint. Each sprint begins with a brief planning meeting that is followed by the actual work (a sprint). A successful sprint comes with delivering an operational, stable product. Nonetheless, we are comfortable following other SDLC methodologies too.

How does Travel-O-Media ensure the quality of the engineering for my project?

The Travel-O-Media team consists of qualified and highly experienced professionals that ensure the highest levels of software quality, performance, and appearance. Our QA specialists make continuous improvements to ensure top-notch app/website quality. Our project managers continuously monitor the progress of the development process and make required changes or modifications to ensure everything goes as per the intended development plan.

How do you usually communicate with clients?

We are comfortable communicating with clients via different mediums that includes calling, teleconferencing, email, chat, and so on. Firstly, our Business Development Manager contacts the potential lead and then includes the solution team consisting of business analysts, software developers, and designers to prepare an estimate for the project. A Project Manager is assigned to your project who links you to Travel-O-Media. The Project Manager ensures the successful completion of the project.

How do you ensure that the project team will consider my feedback?

Our Project Manager for your project will stay in touch with you for the entirety of the project. All feedback will be analyzed by the Project Manager to improve the cooperation between the development team and you.

Can Travel-O-Media help improve my existing app?

Yes. We have helped individuals and organizations all over the globe to improve various aspects of their existing apps. This includes UI/UX improvement, functionality refinement, and enhancement, converting apps into websites and vice-versa, optimizing app performance, and so on.

If I have the design ready, can you start right from the development stage?

Yes. We offer flexibility in our services, which allows our clients to either get everything developed from scratch or only work on certain specific aspects or anything in between. In order to minimize risks and failures, we analyze your design and then provide you with suggestions. Once everything is agreed upon, our professionals proceed with the development.

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Can I have a dedicated team that works exclusively on my project?

Yes, we have dedicated software development teams that can work exclusively on your project. Moreover, you get the freedom to pick the professionals. We follow three dedicated team models, namely Full Team, On-Demand, and Maintenance Only.